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Boca Raton is a glorious city located on the southeastern coast of Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. With the motto “A City for All Seasons”, it is packed with a unique mix of fascinating attractions.
Here, fine beaches, parks, hotels, museums, restaurants, festivals, malls, upscale and elite specialty shops combine with great history and tradition. This gives the city its luxurious face as Boca Raton homes for sale or rent continue to spike in appeal.
The name Boca Ratón: Spanish, is pronounced [ˈboka raˈton]. It is often misinterpreted by many who totally miss the true history and expression. Boca literally means “mouth” and Raton “mouse”, but in navigational terms, “Boca” refers to an inlet, meanwhile “Ratones” describe “rugged rocks beneath coastal waters”. So, a much more befitting translation for “Boca de Ratones” which is the original appellation is “a shallow inlet of sharp rocks”.
This amazing Atlantic Coast area of Florida is graced all year by gentle ocean breezes and a soothing subtropical climate. In addition to its lovely climate, Boca Raton is one of the wealthiest communities in the area, partly explaining the growing trend of Boca Raton REALTORS® getting more clients, both young and old searching for homes for rent.
The population of this area as estimated in 2015 by the US Census Bureau is around 95.000 inhabitants. However, close to 200.000 people live out of the municipal boundaries but have a Boca Raton postal address.
West Boca Raton is one of such recently developed areas where some of them reside.
Quite a good number of young people are beginning to realize the uniqueness of this lively city and are moving in. This debunks the strange onetime myth that suggested it was much more suited to the old.
We will be taking a look at some of the many factors and features that make Boca Raton such a special place to visit or own a property at Boca Raton.

History and Interesting Facts About Boca Raton

The ‘Boca Raton’ community known today for its standout luxurious and vibrant lifestyle was first incorporated as “Bocaratone”, on the 2nd of August, 1924.
It was incorporated with its name today just a year later in 1925. As mentioned above, the name of the city has Spanish origins. However, according to 18th-century maps, Boca de Ratones was originally located at Biscayne Bay beside present-day Miami Beach.
At the turn into the 19th century, current Lake Boca Raton was mistakenly given the name as its inlet wasn’t open throughout out most of the 18th and 19th centuries. Around the 1920’s, the ‘s’ was dropped and then the ‘e’ from the spelling, but the right pronunciation has remained Rah-tone.
As far back as a thousand years ago, the Boca Raton area was first inhabited by the Tequesta Indians. They lived in communities close to the ocean right up to the 18th century.
Most other resourceful pioneers came in after the construction of the Florida East Coast Railway and Florida East Coast Canal (known today as the Intracoastal) in the 1890’s.
Boca Raton became a small agricultural community in the 1900’s with many farmers specialized in the cultivation of pineapple. This included a group of immigrants from Japan led by Joseph Sakai. They settled in 1904, particularly along today’s Yamato Road.
The incorporation of Boca Raton in 1925 took place when the Florida land boom was at its peak.
The task of planning the world-class resort community was commissioned to Addison Mizner, a famous society architect. One of his stand-out hotel structures completed in 1926, called the Cloister Inn still reigns today as a landmark of the city, serving as the Boca Raton Resort and Club.
Although most of Mizner’s plans for the baby community were destroyed as the land boom passed in 1926, some are doing quite well today. His architectural style is still very evident in the city.
Mizner also designed a city hall for the Boca Raton community. Delray architect, William Alsmeyer oversaw the completion of this project in 1927. However, the Town Hall located at 71 North Federal Highway reflects Mizner’s original footprint and was built with tiles, woodwork, and ironwork supplied by Mizner Industries.
The restored Town Hall houses the famous History Museum of the Boca Raton Historical Society.
The 1930’s and 40’s saw Boca become popular for its winter crop, especially green beans, a top product for the markets in the north.
The Army Air Corps arrived in 1942, establishing its only war-time radar training school in the area. The Boca Raton Airport and F.A.U currently occupy this site. This happened during the Second World War and the facility played a massive role in bringing so many people to the small Boca Raton community whose population in 1940 was just around 723. This included servicemen, civilian employees, and their families.
Still a small town in the 1950’s, Boca Raton hosted a safari park known as Africa USA, opened in the location currently occupied by the Camino Gardens. Another amusement park known as Ancient America (1953-1959) was in the area around a US prehistoric burial mount. This period also saw the Bibletown – Winter Bible Conference Grounds established in the former Air Field buildings.
There was another significant land boom in Florida in the 1960’s. This boosted development leading to the former farmlands and Everglades pushed further westward.
By 1970, the population had expanded to about 30.000 residents and this trend has continued to much bigger numbers today. In 1962, the most recent state university, Florida Atlantic, was brought to Boca Raton, at the location of the old army base. A little later in 1967, IBM transferred one of its computer facilities to the town as well. It was in this facility that they would develop their first personal computer or IBM PC, in 1981.
Focus was directed towards downtown redevelopment in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The restoration of many important historical structures in Boca Raton took place during these two decades. For instance, the F.E.C Railway Station and the city’s original Town Hall were restored and reopened to the public.
A good number of the other premier cultural facilities like the Boca Raton Museum of Art have been developed to suit the needs of the expanding population. The farming village of barely 18 inhabitants in 1903 has metamorphosed into a vibrant city today with over 90.000 residents within city limits and about 120.000 more in “West Boca”.
It’s now the heart of the metropolitan community of South Palm Beach County. And features charming parks, historic and modern facilities, a wide range of economic opportunities, and a uniquely luxurious lifestyle, envied by all its neighbors and beyond.
The time has never been more right to engage with an experienced Boca Raton Real estate agent for professional guidance on surveying the many available Boca Raton homes for sale.

Culture and Luxury Lifestyle

The luxury lifestyle of Boca Raton is one of its most popular traits. Yes, it is one of the wealthiest communities in South Florida and ranks around the top in this regard even across the US. However, this could be mistaken for an expensive living which is not really the case.
One sure thing is the city’s place among the best locations in the world to own a luxury home. All you need to participate in this city’s booming real estate industry is a dedicated and qualified Boca REALTORS®. Boca Raton has loads of the natural beauty known to be in abundance in Florida, blended with an impressive business culture. In addition to more than two miles of stunning palm beaches, many international corporations like IBM and ADT have outposts in Boca. Lovers of culture have a rich pool to pick from with the Children’s Science Explorium, and the famous Boca Raton Museum of Art amongst many other facilities and festivals.

Boca Raton’s Attractions (Parks, Beaches, Malls, Festivals)

More and more young people are discovering the wonderful experience of visiting or living in the amazing Boca Raton community. Recent history has seen this trend go against the unfound notion that the city was only for old and retired people. This is largely because of many desirable parks, schools, malls, festivals, rich history, culture, business atmosphere, and generally high quality of life.
Boca, which is 43 miles north of Miami is home to the main Campus of Florida Atlantic University and Lynn University. It is also the corporate headquarters of international giant companies ADT, Bluegreen Corporation, Office Depot, the Gift of Life Marrow Registry and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Here are some of the key features that make Boca such an irresistible luxury destination;
  • Boca Raton Old Town Hall

This spectacular structure stands out as a city landmark, with its very recognizable gold dome. Designed originally by Addison Mizner, the city’s visionary architect, the project was revised and completed by William Alsmever because Mizner ran out of money before construction. The building today is home to a museum that portrays the interesting history of Boca thanks to a rich collection of cultural and architectural displays.
  • The Sugar Sand Park (Home to the Children’s Science Explorium)

A key feature of this amazing park is the Children’s Science Explorium and it’s at the Community Center. It also features the Willow Theatre and Field House which has an indoor gymnasium. The Sugar Sand Park measures 132 acres and continues to take culture and recreation to another level with open doors every day of the year. The Children’s Science Explorium only closes on Christmas, New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving. The park is built to the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials, with a strong, super safe, and super fun playground. The soft, impact absorbing ground surface has identifying markings and many other facilities that make wayfinding super easy. The popular Sugar Sand Park uniquely allows for comfortable and pleasurable access to people of all age groups and abilities. Its new interactive water feature presents breathtaking views of many sea creatures. There’s a lot more to savor at this entertainment hub.
  • South Inlet Beach Park

 This relatively low-profile beach facility in terms of traffic has an amazing lifeguard-patrolled coastline. Swimming is one of the most attractive activities in these parts and visitors also get the opportunity to go snorkeling. The guarded beach surf wheelchair, regular parking picnic areas with grills, picnic shelters, single table playgrounds, modern restroom, etc. are some of the amenities that draw so many visitors all year long.
  • Boca Raton Resort and Club

 Setting out this elegant complex in 1926 was where architect Addison Mizner’s started in his bid to establish Boca Raton as a five-star resort. The hotel was designed to look like a Mediterranean castle and operated as a private club before serving as a military barrack during WWII. Clearly among the most desirable resorts in the country today, this facility is an upscale destination for wealthy people who visit the area. It features two golf courses, a marina, a private beach, tennis courts, Spa Palazzo, a number of first-class restaurants and many other amenities.
  • Spanish River Park

This is one of the largest parks in the area, with more than enough room to explore and a wide variety of diversions for virtually every visitor. Visitors swim in the ocean, sunbath on the beach, and get the opportunity to enjoy outdoor dining thanks to many available grills and picnic tables. People with more active lifestyles will be interested in the biking paths and nature trails which offer exertion opportunities. Interesting volleyball games are a norm at this park as well. The Spanish River also features modern restrooms and observation tower among many other amenities.
  • Mizner Park

Any visit to South Florida without a stop at the Mizner Park in downtown Boca Raton isn’t complete. One of the stand-out attractions of the area, this lifestyle center has a variety of eateries, designer labels, and local boutiques all worthy of a splurge. The Mizner Park is named after the famous Boca Raton architect, Addison Mizner. The northern end of the facility is where you will find Boca Raton Museum of Art and the breezy Mizner Park Amphitheatre. This is where most of Boca’s finest concerts and events are held, including the dazzling Festival of the Arts BOCA. In downtown Boca, you can get a spectacular evening filled with Brazilian music, culture, and food.
  • The Town Center Mall

 This upscale shopping facility located in Central Boca Raton is the biggest indoor mall in Palm Beach CountyIt pulls in most of the affluent visiting population and serves the residents with top quality merchandise and services. There are close to 200 retail and service shops in the Town Center Mall, five departmental stores including Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, and a good number of casualty dining spots.
  • Morikami Park

The group of Japanese immigrants that arrived at Florida in the early 20th century attempted and didn’t quite succeed to establish an agricultural community. However, George Morikami who was among them gave up 200 acres in honor of their effort and his native country. His donation is now a spectacular cultural complex with the famous Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. This park features unique Japanese cultural and traditional exhibitions as visitors are treated with artwork, crafts, bonsai, and domestic artifacts. All these preserve the history with an added sense of luxury thanks to the added structures in the facility. There is a library, theater, multi-media center, shop, café, authentic tea house and a host of astonishing gardens and water features on the grounds. Ceremonies and classes are held in this park on traditional crafts. So many buildings and other sites in Boca Raton contribute to making it so great to visit or live in. And most of the architectural layout is inspired by Addison Mizner.

Education Setup

The provision and management of public education in Boca Raton are handled by The School District of Palm Beach County. It is number thirteen in terms of the size of all public school Districts in the US. The community is also home to many notable religious and private schools.
  • American Heritage School

With one campus at Boca Raton, Delray Beach and the other in Plantation, near Fort Lauderdale, this private school has an amazing track record since its establishment in 1965. Among its routine accolades of 2017-2018 include;
  • Top private school in the country and top high school in Florida with a record, 9 straight National Merit Scholars (top 1% of students across the US).
  • First in the national Math competition for private schools in the United States.
  • Finalists at the Robotics World Championship of 2018.
  • Top team from Florida’s Mock Trial and Moot Court.
  • Top 1% in the National Speech and Debate competition.
  • 3 Critic’s Choice Awards from the District Thespian Festival with superior ratings in Wind Ensemble, Chorus, Orchestra and Jazz Band.
  • National Gold Medal at the Scholastic Art and Writing Award in Photography.
  • Pinecrest School

This is another noteworthy private preparatory school in Boca Raton. With another campus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Pinecrest School is a highly reputable education facility with a rich history of excellence. In addition to offering over 30 Advanced Placement courses, this institution has received several national and state awards. The US Department of Education named three students from Pinecrest, Presidential Scholars in 2004-2005, the first time the award was ever given to more than two students in Florida. More recently in 2016, 7th Graders of this institution went to the Verizon App Challenge and won ‘Best in the Nation’. These are just a couple of Pinecrest’s accolades while pile up year in year out.
  • Other Schools

Saint Andrew's School, Saint Jude Catholic School, and Parish, Pope John Paul II High School, Grandview Preparatory School are some of the many other private and religious schools that make Boca Raton well covered in the domain of education. Added to these are extraordinary public schools like Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton Community High School, Spanish River Community High School Addison Mizner Elementary, etc.

Top Reasons to Buy in Boca Raton

Thousands of different reasons make Boca Raton one of the top locations to buy a home or rent. It’s rare to find such a calm community with a rich history having a vibrant commercial atmosphere, soothing climate, cultural facilities and events that continuously attract thousands of people every year. People visit Boca Raton to spend and this habit isn’t going away anytime soon. Constant development is keeping this trend alive with futuristic innovation playing a huge role in the increasing number of young people thriving here. Some of the top reasons can be broken down as follow;
  • The resort, cultural, and vacation setup means a constant influx of visitors.
  • The luxurious lifestyle favors virtually any upscale business.
  • The Real estate market is relatively unexploited.
  • A hugely commercial town.
  • Has a vibrant population with a wide variety of activities.
  • Has a good number of top quality schools.
  • Wide selections of top quality Restaurants.
You would be astonished by the profitability and pleasure in the opportunity to buy a property in Boca Raton. Get in touch with me and start exploring your options.

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